Salomon EcoRun Moieciu postponed for 8th-May-2021

Dear participants, partners, friends and locals from Moieciu and Fundata,

Given the current context and the uncertainty regarding the period we are going through, we have decided to postpone the next edition of Solomon EcoRun Moieciu for the 8th of May 2021.
The safety of the participants and everyone involved is a priority.
We will transfer your registration for next year or, if requested, we will refund the participation contribution.
To refund the contribution, please email us by 30th April 2020 using the information received personally on the email address you have registered with.
We take a stop for a moment, but we have the patience and the power to move on!

We thank all those who are close to us and those who wished to participate in May at the Solomon EcoRun Moieciu, the joy of sport and the pleasure to discover the nature will bring us together again on the trails from Moieciu!