Salomon EcoRun Moieciu
20-22 May 2022
* The date could be modified in accordance with the pandemic situation and restrictions that may occur.
2020 and 2021 editions were postponed in accordance with Covid-19 pandemic situation. For more details, please write at [email protected]



Salomon EcoRun Moieciu is organized by “Asociatia Club Sportiv EcoRun”.


Marathon: approximately 42km, 2300m positive/ negative gain, 9h time limit

Cross: approximately 14km, 600m positive/ negative gain, the same as the first loop of the marathon, 4h time limit

EcoKids: running competitions for kids

The course is made out of 3 loops forming the Salomon EcoRun Moieciu clover, the Start and the Finish are in Moieciu de Sus.
1st Loop. START – Moieciu de Sus – La Mandru – Fundata – Moieciu de Sus: Total Distance around 14 km
2nd Loop. Moieciu de Sus – Culmea Lunga – Valea Lunga – Cheile Gradistei – Fundata – Moieciu de Sus: around Total Distance 15 km
3rd Loop. Moieciu de Sus – La Bisericuta – Valea Bangaleasa – Poiana Gutanu – Poiana Plesii – Moieciu de Sus; FINISH, Total distance around 13 km

Salomon EcoRun Moieciu is a mountain running race, the course is made out of 90% country-roads and mountain trails and 10% asphalt. The Start and The Finish will be in Moieciu de Sus. The route takes place on national roads, county roads, communal roads, forest roads and mostly on private properties.
The course will be marked before the event. You can find the map here:

Departure at the Start Line, for both Cross and Marathon races, will be in 2 Waves – 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM according to the estimated Finish time mentioned at the registrations and organizer’s decision. Around 1000 participants/ Wave, half from each race. (the rules may be modified, any updates will be announced on the official website).


The race is open to every person over 18 years old, and physically fit from a medical point of view to participate in long distance running.


For the moment registrations are closed.

The registration is done by filling in the form that can be found on the Salomon EcoRun Moieciu web page:, starting with 2022 according to the available places: 900 for Cross, 900 for Marathon.
On the day…………..the registration will be opened in a special campaign on the website
200 @ Salomon EcoRun Moieciu – The first 200 places offer you the preferred product from the Start Kit plus other surprises offered by Salomon *. Be one step ahead! Like & Follow the Salomon Romania Facebook page to keep up to date with all the surprises and news offered by Salomon!

The name of participant can be change till 15 March 2022 and need to pay an extra contribution in amount of 10Eur. There are no reimbursements in case of cancellation requested by the participant.

Registration Fee

Registration Contribution will be announced when the registrations will be opened.
Cross …. Eur
Marathon …. Eur
The payment of the registration contribution can be made by bank transfer.(Lei or EUR currency in accordance with the information received on your personal email – used at the registration):
Payment details will be sent on email after the registration will be validated by the organisers.
Payment details: Contribution number (contribution “number” will be sent on email after the registration will be validated by the organiser)

If you need any other information please contact us.

Every participant must pay the entry contribution, which is announced when registration starts. The contribution is mandatory and offers to each participant a Race Start Bag which includes:

1. Start package which include the race number and official participant gift in accordance with the available stock and the moment of registration – more details
2. Timing is made using a professional timing system, chip timing.
3. A meal offered after the race.
4. Medal offered to all participants who finish the race in the given time.
5. Refreshments areas and Supply for the running race along the route and at the Start/ Finish area.
6. Sport drinks during the competition offered along the route and at the Start/ Finish area.
7. Electronic Ranking and finisher diploma – electronic format.
8. Providing medical assistance if necessary, at the points indicated by the organizers.
9. Award ceremony by age groups for Marathon and Cross race.
10.Award lottery for the participants.
11. Presents for the participants, offered from Sponsors.
12. Free use of official photos on social media and personal web-sites, not with commercial reason.

When validation is made, every participant must sign a participation agreement
If for a certain reason you intend to cancel your registration, please inform us by email to [email protected]
There are no reimbursements in case of cancellation requested by the participant.


Mandatory equipment:
– race number (given by the organizer)
– mountain running shoes
It is forbidden to use trekking/ ski poles during the first Loop for both the Cross and the Marathon race.
Participants of the Marathon race can use trekking/ ski poles during the second and third Loops. The trekking/ ski poles can be left in the space arranged by the organisers in the start/ finish area. Those who use the trekking/ ski poles are required to wear them during the race and to cross the finish line with them as they should not be abandoned on the route.Those who abandon their trekking/ ski poles or other running equipment on the route will be disqualified.
The following equipment is recommended :
– a minimum of 0.5 l water recipient
– energizer bars and gels
– windproof/ waterproof jacket
– mobile phone (please check your battery to be charged)


There will be 4 check points and 5 refreshments posts over the course of the race, offering sports drinks, water, fruits and sugar.
The check points and refreshments posts are very well marked, and are clearly visible.


The organizers have the right to disqualify the participants that doesn’t follow the one of the following situations:
– losing or modify the official race number ( by “race number” is understood the ensemble composed of the actual number, the partners and sponsors logo/ signs, chip etc).
– using shortcuts – bikes or motorized transport is forbidden
– leaving trash on the course, trash can be left only on check points and refreshments posts
– not helping other competitors in trouble
– lack of respect for the other competitors, organizers and volunteers
– passing the time restriction imposed by the organizer
– accompanying the race outside the hydrating / feeding / finishing areas delimited by the organizers


Over the duration of the race the traffic is not restricted on the roads crossed, and cars, tourist and animals can be met on the way.
The participants must follow the traffic regulation and law. Any accident in which Salomon EcoRun Moieciu participants are involved, occurring during the course by not following the traffic rules and regulation imposed by the law will be the responsibility of the participant.
The racers are responsible for participating in the race, the organizers don’t assume responsibility and any obligation in case of an accident or injuries or any other unpleasant events during the race.
A permanent first aid point during the route will be installed in Moieciu de Sus and another temporary one in Fundata, medical assistance can be provided if necessary.
The organizer doesn’t assume responsibility for the lost or forgotten objects during the event.


Bikes or motorized transport of any kind are forbidden on the race route. Any individual assistance outside the official posts is also forbidden, as is following the racer on foot over the race course. Exception for food points from where participants can receive food and energy drinks from supporters and spectators or additional equipment in the case of bade weather condition or necessity.
Each participant must carry his own equipment.
The organizers can add penalties or disqualify the racers whose supporters don’t follow the rules and regulation.


The course is made out of 3 loops forming a clover, the Start and the Finish are in Moieciu de Sus.
1st Loop. START – Moieciu de Sus – La Mandru – Fundata – Moieciu de Sus: Total Distance around 14 km. Intermediate Time Limit: 2 hours and 30 minutes from the start
2nd Loop. Moieciu de Sus – Culmea Lunga – Valea Lunga – Cheile Gradistei – Fundata – Moieciu de Sus: Total Distance around 15 km. Intermediate Time Limit: 6 hours from the start
3rd Loop. Moieciu de Sus – La Bisericuta – Valea Bangaleasa ( Intermediate Time Limit – 7 hours and 30 minutes from the start) – uphill to Poiana Gutanu – Poiana Plesii – Moieciu de Sus; FINISH Total Distance around 13 km. The Limit Time to cross the Finish Line is 9 hours from the Start time.
Details of the course, the map and profile can be found on the webpage:


The timing will be done at the second, and the first participant that will reach the FINISH line, after covering the whole course will be the winner.
The prize awards will be given according to the following age categories:
Marathon: open, men and women; and the following age categories, both men and women: 18-22 years, 23-39 Years, 40-49 Years, 50-59 Years +60 years.
Cross: open, men and women; and the following age categories, both men and women: 18-22 years, 23-39 Years, 40-49 Years, 50-59 Years +60 years.
The organisers have the right to award other competitors, and give other prizes. Each participant who will finish the race in the given time by the organizers will be awarded with the event medal.


Category M/F Code Age
Youth Masculin TM 18-22 years
Youth Feminin TF 18-22 years
Seniors Masculin SM 23-39 years
Seniors Feminin SF 23-39 years
Veterans Masculin 1 VM1 40-49 years
Veterans Feminin 1 VF1 40-49 years
Veterans Masculin 2 VM2 50-59 years
Veterans Feminin 2 VF2 50-59 years
Veterans Masculin 3 VM3 +60 years
Veterans Feminin 3 VF3 +60 years
* Age is considered as of the date of the event day


The organizer can change the route anytime or during the event if they consider necessary and will announce the route changing.
In cases of major force: weather (red or orange alerts) preventing competition running, natural disasters, or major political events forcing the organization to cancel the event, the contribution will not be reimbursed in this cases.
The organizers can cancel/ reschedule the competition after all competitors have been informed in advance.
In case of bad weather or any other special conditions, the organizers can stop the race or change the time restriction.


It is forbidden to takeover, process and use in any way the data, pictures, information and documents from the Salomon EcoRun Moieciu event. Without the organizers agreement, you can not retrieve and use any information, documents, images.
Exception from this rule: art. 4, section 12 from this Rules


We wish that the negative impact over the natural and cultural environment resulted from the organization of the event to be null.

This objectives must be taken into consideration not only by the organizers, but also by the participants, supporters, partners spectators and volunteers and applied using the following guidelines:

a. Fighting against terrain erosion over the course of the race!
The competitors must use only the marked trails during the race, and never use shortcuts that can deteriorate the soil and the meadows and trespass private property

b. Respect private property of the local people!
Most of the trails passes trough private properties. The meadows and the forests are the assets of families from Moieciu de Sus and Fundata villages. These assets represent the base of traditional life in this region, and every participant must respect and preserve the nature as much as possible.

c. Don’t leave trash on the course!
This is the easiest thing you can do as a participant, and we are requesting you to do this.
If possible, unpack every item that you will use, before the race.
If you still have any packages from your food, please leave them only on the check points and refreshments posts.

d. Minimize the number of plastic cups!
The organizers will reduce the usage of plastic cups as much as possible, and we recommend that you bring your own plastic bottle and refill it on the course on the hydration and refreshment areas.

e. Reduce your carbon print as much as possible!
When coming in the Moieciu de Sus Area try to use the public transportation if possible, otherwise just bring other competitors or supporters to reduce the number of cars in the area and the pollution.

On behalf of the local community in Moieciu and Fundata, we would like to thank you for applying to these principles, and you understand the reason why you have to follow the rules and regulation of the Salomon EcoRun Moieciu event!

Thank you,
EcoRun Team