Cross: approximately 14km, 600m positive/ negative gain, the same as the first loop of the marathon
The course is made out of 3 diffrent loops forming a clover, the Start and the Finish are in Moieciu de Sus.
1st Loop – START – Moieciu de Sus – La Mandru – Fundata – Moieciu de Sus: around 14,2 km

Course description:

The START of the Cross is from the centre of Moieciu de Sus, in front of the House of Culture. The first loop follows the asphalt on the “Valea Popii” and continues 1km on the country-road.

The trail crosses the river on a wooden bridge on the right side of the valley and covers the steep slope ascending trough the forest „La Mandru” where is the first hydration point (only water). After another 700m of smooth ascent the course suddenly turns right following a marked trail (country road – red line) going down from “Muntele Sf. Ilie” to Fundatica Village in Valea Cheii.

From here the course continues right on the road and then leave immediately on the left side with a short but sustained climb, and after another 1.5km of alternate short ascends the course reaches CP1, a refreshment check point with energy beverages and food. From here the course continues 800m on the paved road and then turns right on a small alley between the houses and get back into another dirt road.

After a few hundred meters the last ascent of Loop 1 begins going to a boundary road. From here the trail descends gently at first and then more steeply to the Moieciu de Sus along a George’s path.

The last part of descent is quite steep and the path should be followed exactly without stepping outside it, to avoid damage to the meadow. The last 300 meters of asphalt road takes you to Moieciu de Sus in the central point (CP2), which marks the arrival of the competitor on the Cross race and ends the 1st Loop of the Marathon race.

(start), (checkpoint), (water), (food), (finish)

Moieciu de Sus0.0957
Road junction Fundata-Fundatica7.01193-179
Padina Lunga8.612029
Fundata School9.01305103
Trail junction in Fundata village11.01233-72
Trail junction Poteca lui George11.8132794
Moieciu de Sus14.2957-370