From the beginning

Our passion for mountain, nature and running, the participants and our enthusiasm were the initial objectives with which we started this project, and they still remain the most motivating things, and together we managed to make this event one of the most anticipated competitions of the year.

The natural setting in which the event takes place, the alpine scenery of the snow-cover ridges, the peculiarity of the trail through the unique clover shape and the alternation of climbs and descents are some of the most popular features at Salomon EcoRun Moieciu. We always think about how we originally started with EcoMarathon, first, a bunch of friends passionate about nature, walking in the mountains and mountain running, having the joy and experience of the races we participated at, and now, as organisers, these memories give us the power and make us to move on, no matter if sometimes we feel it is not easy. We often smile remembering so many happenings, seeing how we grew up as an event, but especially enjoying the fantastic progress of mountain running, the joy of those who come back to Moieciu year after year, most choose to firstly run the Cross race then try the Marathon Race, as you heard how nice the route is and you are ready now, you are trained!

We cannot forget the first edition in 2010, 400 participants at the start line, our emotions as an organising team, the originality of the route, the Cross race, which in time, after only a few years, is becoming an attraction for those who barely discover the mountain running, then a variety of the Marathon, with successive ascents and descents, a fascinating landscape around you that makes you feel less fatigue, with easy or steep climbs like Guţanu, with not so technical descents but some of them sustained, such as the second Loop, up and down on the surrounding paths, a fast course that you have to carefully approach to meet your objectives.

In 2011 and 2012, the number of participants almost doubled to about 800 registered, we had a limited number of places according to the organisational capacity and resources we had at that time, and at all future editions we immediately had all the available places booked, and in 2014 we were prepared for 1300 participants and 400 children to take part in the event. Remarkable is also the number of supporters, just as we wanted from the beginning, not just a running competition but also an alternative to enjoying time in nature regardless of the competitive experience.

… 2011 you cannot forget the edition with surprises from the weather, the spring sun from the start and then the unexpected snow climbing to Guţanu in the third Loop, or the Christmas landscape in the center of the village, immediately after the award ceremony. In 2010 – 2014 we had collection albums that have attracted others to participate or still bring so much joy to those who have run, we thank year after year to the photographers that are part of the event! The great progress is the participants’ level of training, especially their evolution in numbers, the friendship and the enthusiasm with which they have attracted others, friends, colleagues, family, coming back year after year, some to run or just to encourage those who compete. The event is of all those that are involved regardless of whether you choose to be part of the organising team, you are a volunteer, a runner or just a supporter, you always joyfully return to now Salomon EcoRun Moieciu!

We want each year to have everything prepared as well as possible, the participants to be satisfied as well with us as an organising team, we are glad that we tried every year to bring something extra, to bring the best athletes at the start. The popularity and the success of the event has made us more professional in organising, even though sometimes everything seems more complicated, although we have gained experience. We maintain confidence in us, but also in those involved in the event like volunteers, local community, sponsors, but especially the confidence in the participants who, we are sure, have understood that the greatest responsibility is primarily theirs as a participant.
The Salomon EcoRun Moieciu event features three distinct races for the outdoor sports enthusiasts and mountain lovers:
Marathon: a race for advanced runners and those who want to exceed their limits. Race on the classical distance of 42 km., with a difference of about + 2400m.
Cross: a race for those who prefer shorter distances or who have recently started running and who want to change their way of life, to become more active. It’s a 14 km race, with a difference of about + 600m, the start and the finish are taking place in Moieciu de Sus.
EcoKids: Children’s race. Depending on the age category, the children will run different distances, starting and arriving in Moieciu de Sus.

Thinking of a new edition, what a joy to be back at the start, to meet you all, to see who has chosen to come back to Moieciu de Sus or to meet those who are running for the first time here. For the past nine years, Moieciu de Sus and its surroundings is the place and the moment when we enjoy a weekend spent in the mountains together with friends, we enjoy the spring and the revival of nature, we run again on these wonderful trails. The memories we gain, the experience as a participant or as a volunteer, the surprise of meeting someone on the trail, the surrounding landscapes, the joy of running alongside you all in a special natural setting, the start with its emotions, something unexpected and interesting during the race, the finish line, the pictures that you will find later, a good day you had, these will be moments you will always remember, you’ll get excited to run joyfully anytime and anywhere but you will surely miss to come back to Moieciu de Sus, to these special places and people.

The sport and the nature are so vital to life, to make us enjoy what we do, the surrounding and the wonderful places we (re)discover, sometimes choosing to run on the mountains or the trails next to us, everything is more diverse in the mountains, there are always new things to discover even in the places where we have been, or new perceptions emerge, the experiences of the mountains are more intense.

The children’s race – EcoKids – has grown and is also a very long-awaited race, which will host this year around 600 children in the 5 age categories, boys and girls, and we are ready to manage them. It is one of the most fascinating moments, you should not miss the start of the little ones, come to encourage them!

It is always important to remember the most significant support of the volunteers involved in the organisation, efforts rewarded especially through the extraordinary feedback received from all those who participated at the event every year and made you so content. Keep this enthusiasm lasting all year!