Salomon EcoRun Moieciu

We created the event (a bunch of passionate friends of nature, hiking and mountain running), starting from the joy of the competitions we participated in. As organizers, we learned year after year, our progress going simultaneously with that of mountain running in Romania.

Together with Salomon, the sporting partner of the event since the first edition in 2010, we continue all that represented EcoMarathon under a new name: Salomon EcoRun Moieciu.

We grew up with each edition, and now, with all the previous experience and supported by a great team, we look forward to living the excitement of a new Start in 2019.

The motivation and the confidence to go further were given by you, by being close to us and contributing so much to our development. You are Eco: from the first participants at the start in 2010, to those involved each year – local people, volunteers, partners, suppliers, photographers, the whole team and all the runners.

When our partners stay close and get more and more involved, we only have to thank and try to satisfy those who come to the EcoRun.
For 10 years, we discover the paths in Moieciu with the same joy and we hardly wait to experience it with you, on a running weekend in spring at Salomon EcoRun Moieciu.

(c) photos Laurentiu Pavel, 2010